6 Things You Didn’t Know About Toy Story Midway Mania


Toy Story Midway Mania is one of the most popular attractions at the parks. For those who’ve never gone on it, it’s essentially a shooting game, one where you aim at various moving targets—carnival midway style.

Personally, I love how they integrated the 4D components (the air blasts, the water sprays) into the ride! Currently, the attraction can be found at three different theme parks—Tokyo DisneySea, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney California’s Adventure.

Curious to know more about the 4D ride? We’ll be going over some interesting tidbits below.

1. It Took a Little Over a Year to Build

Inside the queue area at Tokyo Disney Sea.

The attraction was first announced at a press conference in 2007—just three years prior to the release of Toy Story 3. Within a few months, construction began in California and Florida.

In the end, it took imagineers just a little over a year to complete the ride at both parks. Toy Story Midway Mania eventually opened on May 31, 2008 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and on June 17, 2008 at Disney’s California Adventure.

Unsurprisingly, the two locations saw huge lineups on the first day.

2. It’s One of the Most Technologically Advanced Attractions at the Parks

Toy Story Midway Mania is easily one of the most popular rides at the parks, and for good reason—its interactive, 4D environment really can’t be found anywhere else.

The truth is, it’s one of the most technologically sophisticated attractions developed by the Walt Disney team. To give you a better idea, the ride cost $80 million—that’s the price of a Boeing 737!

3. It Uses More Than 150 PC Computers

The players’ scores are shown on a digital screen inside the vehicle.

Behind the scenes, the attraction uses more than 150 PC computers. To be more specific, the ride features one HP Windows computer for each of its 56 game screens; additional PCs are also used to control the special effects at each mini-game.

Where did they get all of the computers from? From their corporate sponsors—Hewlett-Packard and Siemens AG!

4. A Video Game Based on the Ride was Released in 2009

A screenshot from the Toy Story Mania wii game.

In 2009, Disney released a Toy Story Mania video game for the Nintendo Wii. Based on the attraction, it features many of the same mini-games, all of which you can play in 3D (glasses are included).

There’s even a mode where you can play competitively or cooperatively with your friends. Still, it can’t be compared to the real thing at the parks.

If anything, it’s geared towards children under the age of 10 (any older and they might find the whole thing to be repetitive).

5. It’s Being Tested with the “Moving Buddy” Pass

Toy Story Mania regularly has long waits at the parks.

If you’ve ever gone on Toy Story Mania, you’ll know that it almost always has a huge lineup. To help minimize wait times, Disney has recently decided to test a new thing called the “Moving Buddy” pass.

With it, parties of 1, 2, or 3 are able to enter a “Moving Buddy Line”, which is separate from the standby and FastPass line. While it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get on the attraction immediately, it does cut down wait times significantly.

6. Mr. Potato Head was Gone for Over Two Years

For many years, Disney’s Hollywood Studios featured Mr. Potato Head in the queue. An interactive landmark, he regularly entertained guests with his silly dancing and singing.

Out of the blue, however, he disappeared in 2015. With that, everyone was left wondering as to what had happened to their favorite animatronic.

In the end, it wasn’t until 2018 that the beloved potato made his return. Whatever the reason was for his disappearance, we’re just glad to have him back!

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Toy Story Mania?

As you can see, Toy Story Mania is anything but a normal, everyday ride. No wonder it’s so popular among park-goers!

What’s your favorite part of the attraction? Let us know in the comments below!


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