7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disneyland During Christmas


There’s something special about being able to surround yourself in Disney Magic—this is especially true during the holiday season. With kids out of school, many families flock to the park, where they’re able to wind down and enjoy the festivities.

For those who are curious, yes, Disneyland is open during Christmas day! Be warned though, the crowds can be quite overwhelming. When you consider what the park has to offer, though, it is definitely worth it.

What’s special about Christmas at Disneyland, you ask? Let’s have a look at some highlights below.

1. The Christmas Decorations at Disneyland are Amazing

The Sleeping Beauty Castle is stunning with over 80,000 lights.

If you think Disneyland is magical on a normal day, wait till you see what the park looks like during Christmas! Not only are the streets decorated with elaborate ornaments, but many of the attractions are adorned with trinkets.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of all, however, is the Sleeping Beauty castle. Located at the center of the park, it is bound to take your breath away with its stunning display of lights.

Speaking of which, many of the rides are also illuminated with brilliant colors at night. All in all, it’s a sight to see!

2. Some Foods are Only Available at Disneyland during Christmas

Disneyland sells a variety of holiday treats during Christmas.

At Disneyland, they offer a variety of special treats that are only available during the holiday season.

Judging from their official website, it looks like they’re selling many different items this year including eggnog gelato, snowman pancakes, Mickey gingerbreads, candy cane beignets, peppermint fudge, cinnamon spiced fritters, and more.

Don’t worry if you’re arriving after Christmas—their holiday menu goes all the way until January 6, 2019!

3. Disneyland’s Christmas Holiday Parade is a Must-See

During the holidays, many of our beloved Disney characters come together for a festive parade down Main Street, U.S.A.

Complete with marching toy soldiers and dancing reindeer, the musical celebration not only features Mickey and Minnie but many of their friends as well.

Of course, Santa Claus himself also makes an appearance towards the end! If you plan on joining in this Christmas fantasy, be sure to arrive early for a good seat.

For the most parts, there will be two parades a day, although it is dependent on the weather.

4. You can Buy Exclusive Holiday Merchandise at Disneyland

Different types of Christmas ornaments can be bought at Disneyland.

If you don’t mind emptying your wallet a bit, you can buy various exclusive items during the holiday season at Disneyland. Looking for some decorations for your tree?

Look no further. In fact, you can even get yourself a personalized ornament for a bit extra money.

Some of the other goodies that they sell include plushes, clothing, toys, home decor, kitchenware, and more. Our personal favorite, however, is the holiday train set!

5. Several of the Rides are Given Holiday Makeovers

“It’s a Small World” becomes “Its a Small World Holiday” during the Christmas season.

To celebrate the Christmas season, several of the rides at Disneyland are given holiday makeovers.

For instance, the Haunted Mansion turns into the Haunted Mansion Holiday—a seasonal overlay that features Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws.

Other examples include the Jungle Cruise (Jingle Cruise during the holidays) and It’s a Small World (It’s a Small World Holiday), the latter of which features a medley of It’s a Small World and classic holiday songs.

You definitely do not want to miss out on these exclusive rides!

6. Disneyland is Known For Their Dazzling Christmas Fireworks

The Believe In Holiday Magic Fireworks Show has continued every year since 2000.

From November 9th to January 6th, Disneyland will be illuminating the sky on a nightly basis with their annual “Believe…in Holiday Magic” fireworks.

Approximately 15 minutes in length, the holiday tradition—which started in 2000—will feature various Christmas tunes from Joy to the World to Silent Night. Along with the fireworks, the Sleeping Beauty Castle will also sparkle with over 80,000 twinkling lights.

While the show can be viewed from anywhere in the park, we recommend that you stand at the beginning of Main St. as it offers a fantastic panoramic view!

7. The Park Offers a Holiday Time at Disneyland Tour

You can choose to participate in a guided tour at Disneyland.

As part of the festive fun, Disneyland offers special guided tours during the holidays. For $85 per person, you will get to learn about various things as you walk through the different sections of the park with a designated cast member.

While they seem to have removed attractions from the tour, there are still a few perks—one of which includes being able to enjoy the parade from a special area with chairs.

Some of the other things that you will be given include a personalized name tag, treat samples, a commemorative pin, and hot cocoa.

For those who are interested, you will have to call to make reservations (as they only allow 20 people per group).

Planning a Trip to Disneyland During the Christmas Season?

As you can see, the park always has tons of special things going on during Christmas. Maybe you’ve gone before?

Let us know your experience in the comments below!


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