From Vintage to Bizzare: 20 Disneyland Souvenirs That We Found at the Thrift Store


Are you a thrift store person? Do you like the thrill of the hunt?

I sure do. There’s something that I look for in particular, though—Disneyland memorabilia.

What better way to spend the day than to browse for cool-looking Disney items at a second-hand shop, right? Please tell me I’m not crazy.

The truth is, I’ve actually found a lot of Disneyland souvenirs at the thrift store near my house. In fact, I’ve found so many, that I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with you guys.

Curious to know what I found? Be sure to scroll down!

10 Disneyland Souvenirs that I’ve Found at my Local Value Village

1. A Vintage Disneyland Tin Plate

Specimen number one—a tin plate. I’m not exactly sure what year it’s from, but it definitely looks vintage. My best guess is that it’s from the 60s or 70s.

It features Mickey and Minnie on a hot air balloon, with a map of California. Some other Disney characters make appearances as well including Donald Duck, Goofy, Baloo, Alice, and Scar.

Who else can you see?

2. A Funny Looking Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank

Next on our list is a Mickey Mouse piggy bank. I mean, that is Mickey right?

It looks like he might have had one too many to drink. When was the last time you saw him with a smile like that? And I don’t even know what he’s doing with his hands.

It’s so weird, I kind of like it. I didn’t take it home with me, though.

3. A Twilight Zone Tower of Terror T-Shirt

Tower of Terror, anyone?

I have to admit, I didn’t expect to see this hanging on one of the racks. It’s their classic “I survived!” t-shirt. I wonder what year it’s from?

4. A 3D Tower of Terror Photo Frame

Speaking of Tower of Terror, here’s a photo frame that features Mickey, Goofy (poor guy lost both of his ears), and Donald on the ride.

I have to say, it was pretty well made. I don’t have space for photo frames in my house, though, so it stayed on the shelf.

5. A 3D Splash Mountain Photo Frame

Okay, guys, it looks like the same person who donated the Tower of Terror frame also had one for Splash Mountain.

This one looked to be in better shape—no one was missing any ears. I can see how it can be great for the “Splash Mountain photo.”

6. A 3D Space Mountain Photo Frame

This is the last one, I promise.

This is my favorite out of all of the photo frames. You see, there’s actually a slot for batteries on the back! I’m guessing that maybe there are sound effects? I didn’t see any lights or anything.

Another cool thing about it is that the “asteroids” on the sides can move—there are tiny springs at the back.

7. A Walt Disney World Pullover Sweater

This pullover sweater was pretty old, I could barely make out the words “Walt Disney World” on the tag. Looks like whoever owned it, wore it a lot!

I think it’s funny how it costs exactly the same as the photo frames. What’s a better deal? Hmmm…

8. A (Broken) Frozen Music Box

Next to a pile of glass pans, I found a Frozen music box. According to what it said on the back, it cost $21.95 at the Disney parks and played “Let It Go.”

Upon opening it, however, I realized that it was broken. The small figure of Elsa and Anna that’s supposed to be there (thanks Google) was ripped off.

9. A Vintage Disneyland Glass Dish (Ash Tray?)

I found this vintage glass dish in the kitchen section—it’s smaller than it looks. Maybe some people used it as an ashtray?

Not only does it have a picture of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, but it also features different sections of the park. I was so busy taking the photo that I forgot to check how much they priced it for!

10. A Disneyland Resort 50th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Ear Hat

This was in the children’s section. It’s from Disneyland’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2005!

It was pretty much in mint condition—as if no one ever wore it. Maybe someone put it in a closet when they got home and forgot about it for a decade?

11. A Super Cute Tokyo Disneyland Pouch

I liked this item, a lot. The material reminded me of a kimono, which made sense, considering the fact that it’s from Tokyo Disneyland.

It was quite small, though. You probably can’t even fit a sandwich inside—comfortably, anyway. If I knew what I could use it for, I would have bought it.

12. A Tokyo Disneyland Easter Wonderland Tin Can

Here’s another souvenir from Tokyo Disneyland—a tin can from their 2011 Easter Wonderland event.

Knowing how much Japan likes their snacks, I’m going to wager that it was filled with either candies or cookies at some point. Maybe chocolate eggs?

Whatever it was, the person who bought it must have really liked it—they donated two of the same things (you can see the other one on the side in the photo)!

13. A Walt Disney World Epcot 25th Anniversary Glass Cup

I have a thing for cups and mugs—so when I saw this Epcot glass cup, I snagged it. Yes, that’s my thumb and receipt in the photo.

This glass cup was released in 2007. For those who don’t know, it was sold exclusively at  McDonald’s as part of Epcot’s 25th anniversary celebration.

14. A 2014 Limited Release iPhone Case

What did I find in the electronics section? A brand new, never used iPhone case from Disneyland. Apparently, it’s limited edition too.

Maybe the person who bought it upgraded their phone after going home? These things are not cheap! In fact, the price sticker is still on the back—$34.95.

15. A Pair of Gold Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Ears

I thought this was pretty neat. I found it hanging next to a bunch of plastic tiaras in the kid’s section.

I’ve come across Mickey Ears before (including some DIY ones) at the store, but this is probably one of the cooler ones I’ve seen. Why? It’s from Disneyland Paris!

And for $3.99? A pretty good deal, if you ask me (I still didn’t get it, though)!

16. A Vintage Disneyland Plate

This Disneyland plate is from the early 90s from what I can tell. As you can see in the photo, there’s a nice picture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle on it.

What I thought was interesting, however, was the fact that it had “Not for food- may poison food” written on the back.

17. A 1982 Epcot Center License Plate

This is one of my favorite finds of all time. It’s a decorative license plate from Epcot’s grand opening in 1982.

Did I also mention that it’s still wrapped in plastic?

I ended up using it as a gift for a Reddit gift exchange (the Disney one, of course). My giftee told me she was a big Epcot fan so I figured, why not? She ended up loving it!

18. A 1st Visit Disneyland Button

I feel like every thrift store has one of these—a first visit button from Disneyland. I guess people are willing to part with them since they get them for free?

Now that I think about it, they wouldn’t be able to wear it again anyway!

19. A Halloween T-Shirt From Tokyo Disney Sea

The Tokyo parks have the best merchandise, hands down. Even their clothing is so much cooler.

Judging by what it says on the front, it’s probably from Tokyo Disney Sea’s 2017 Halloween event. No wonder it has a villain theme (minus Mickey)!

Just look at Ursula—she’s just menacing as I remember.

20. A Disneyland Resort Pilot (?) Jacket

You might not be able to make it out from the photo, but it actually says “Disneyland Resort” on the right, under Mickey’s head.

The jacket is for kids and comes with a bunch of cool patches—there’s Donald on a space ship, Goofy holding what appears to be a propeller, and Pluto.

What Have You Found at Your Thrift Store?

As you can see, my local thrift store sells a lot of Disneyland souvenirs. Who knew we had so many Disney fans in the neighborhood? Maybe we should all get together and have lunch sometime.

For those of you who also frequent thrift stores, what have you found? Let us know in the comments below!


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