The Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker: Does it Make Good Waffles?


What’s better than cooking? Cooking with Mickey! As you may already know, Disney makes a variety of cute kitchen appliances from slow cookers to toaster ovens. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re just toys, though—they are very much capable of making delicious food!

I have to admit, however, that I hadn’t owned any until recently. Driven by a waffle craving, I decided to buy a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker from Amazon last month. For those who are curious, I bought it for $32.50 CDN (plus tax), which came with free two-day shipping. They had a few different styles, including one that featured Minnie, but I went for the classic red and black Mickey.

1. First Impressions

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I bought the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. Was it made out of some sort of heat-resistant plastic? Metal? I probably could have easily found the answer on Google, but for some reason, I decided not to. Well, no biggie—I’ll just find out when it arrives!

The Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker comes in an equally cute box!

Turns out, the thing is made out of metal. Cool! The Mickey is even 3D printed. As far as I can tell, it looks pretty solid. One thing did catch my attention though—the power indicator light on the front was kind of disfigured. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was actually the sticker that they had stuck on the light that was deformed. It’s a little annoying, but no big deal.

The Mickey sticker on the power indicator light is a bit deformed.

2. Getting Ready to Make the Waffles

Luckily, for those of us who do not know how to make waffles (good ones, at least), the instruction manual comes with a bunch of recipes. More specifically, they have ones for cinnamon, pumpkin, and chocolate waffles. I decided to play it safe, though—I went for buttermilk waffles.

There was just one thing—the recipe makes 8-10 waffles. I can’t eat 8-10 waffles. What did I do? I ended up cutting the recipe by one third; 2-3 waffles should be doable, right?

Mixing the batter with my favorite Mickey Mouse spoon.

Following the instructions, I mixed together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and sugar. In a separate bowl, I beat together an egg with some melted butter and added the buttermilk. From there, all that’s left was to combine the two mixtures. As you can see, I used my treasured Mickey Mouse spoon for the mixing.

3. Making the Mickey Mouse Waffle

One thing that I noticed was that the waffle maker got hot very quickly. Within 30 seconds of plugging it in, I could feel the heat radiating from the surface. It was ready for the batter!

Against my better judgement, I decided to eyeball the amount of waffle mixture. Alas, there was a lot of unnecessary spilling (I added way too much, apparently). By the second time, though, I had perfected my batter-pouring technique.

It’s Mickey! Dont worry, his facial features will show up soon.

Once I filled in the head, I closed the top lid and waited for it to cook. A minute later, I opened the lid and was surprised to see that it was almost done! Not only was it a nice golden brown color, but Mickey’s facial features were all there. Given that, I used a plastic spatula and scooped him out of the heat. Almost immediately, I noticed that one side looked nicer than the other (the face down side was a lot “flatter”)—not too surprising, really.

4. The Mickey Mouse Waffle Taste Test

Obviously, the next step was to eat the waffle. I was so excited to try it that I didn’t even add any toppings—not that I had anything good in the fridge. My initial reaction? It’s so fluffy. Honestly, it was probably one of the fluffiest waffles that I’ve ever had and that’s not an exagerration. Upon taking a bite, I immediately regretted not buying some maple syrup from the store earlier.

A fluffy Mickey waffle is ready!

Soft and fluffy, the waffle had just the right about of sweetness to it. After a while, though, I did notice that it started to “deflate”; it didn’t bother me though, it still tasted good!

5. Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Pros and Cons

Now that I’ve shared my waffle making experience, let’s take a look at some of the actual pros and cons of the waffle maker (because that’s what you’re here for, right?).


  • Heats up very quickly in a matter of seconds
  • Easy to use (just pour the batter in, close the lid, and keep an eye on the cooking progress!)
  • Metal construction seems durable
  • The instruction manual includes several recipes
  • The waffle does not stick to the surface
As you can see, the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker has quite a short cord.


  • The cord is short (My kitchen is pretty crowded so I ended up using an extension cord)
  • There is no on/off switch; it turns on immediately after being plugged into an outlet
  • One side of the Mickey Waffle will be “flatter” than the other
  • The sticker on top of the indicator light is deformed (though I might have just gotten unlucky with my unit)

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. Sure, the cord is a tad short and there’s no power switch, but it works well for what it’s designed to do—make waffles. Remember, you don’t have to use one of their recipes, you can easily use your own! For a little over $30, I would say that it’s definitely worth it. After all, a Mickey waffle at the Disney Parks will probably cost at least $12!


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