Steakhouse 55: Just How Good Are Their Steaks and Desserts?


Steakhouse 55 is a classy steakhouse that’s tucked inside the Disneyland Hotel. Situated next to Goofy’s Kitchen, the restaurant features an upscale atmosphere that takes you back to old Hollywood glamor.

In fact, it’s one of our favorite places to eat at Disneyland! We’ve gone there two times so far and can’t wait to go back.

Want to know what their menu is like? If so, be sure to read the rest of our post!

Sitting Down and Ordering Our Food

Upon approaching the front of house, we were greeted by a friendly host who whisked us to our table.

Along the way, we saw multiple photographs of old celebrities (including Walt himself) on the walls. The ambiance was very romantic.

Seated at a back corner, we waited for our waiter to come with our menus. Upon checking it out, our eyes were immediately drawn to one section—Chef’s Specialties.

After some contemplation, we each decided to get the Wagyu flat iron steak frites. For appetizers, we got the fried mushroom ravioli to share.

They had various other cuts of steak including center cut filet mignon, hickory-mopped New York strip, slow-roasted prime rib, and prime bone-in Kansas City strip.

All of them came with bearnaise, SHSS butter, and Cabernet wine sauce.

Appetizer-wise, we were also interested in the Maryland crab cake and sauteed sea scallop. Knowing that we’d never be able to finish so much food, however, we settled on just the ravioli.

Our Mushroom Ravioli Appetizer

The waiter eventually came back to take our orders. With that out of the way, our attention turned toward the decor around us. We had probably taken a few dozen photos by the time our food arrived at the table.

The mushroom ravioli came first. The presentation was exactly what we’d expected from an upscale restaurant—everything was placed neatly onto the plate.

Three pieces of ravioli sat on a tomato concasse, which was garnished with a few sprouts; at the top was a poached egg that looked very close to perfection.

Cutting it open, the yolk oozed out and covered the ravioli. Picking up our forks, we decided that it was time to give the Italian dumplings a try.

Biting it in half, I immediately recognized the rich flavor of portobello mushrooms.

The ravioli was creamy, with just the right amount of saltiness. Despite being soft, the dough held the filling perfectly. Slightly tart, the tomato concasse also added to the overall flavor.

Our Wagyu Flat Iron Steak Frites

Not long after we finished our mushroom ravioli, our entrees arrived—the Wagyu flat iron steak frites. Our first impression was that it smelled good, really good.

Cut into thin slices, the meat was cooked medium rare with perfect caramelization. Beside the steak, was a large portion of pomme frites, which were flavored with a generous amount of garlic butter.

The Wagyu was not disappointing at all. In fact, we both agreed that it was some of the best steak that we’d ever had.

Not only was it juicy, but it was incredibly tender—to the point where it just melted in our mouths.

If anything, it only got more flavorful with each bite. The ground pepper on the top was all the flavoring that it’d needed.

The pomme frites were a great complement to the steak. Flavored with garlic, they were crunchy and crispy. Placed next to the steak, most had absorbed the meat juices, which only made it that much tastier.

Overall, the dish was absolutely delicious—it had us licking at our lips when we were done.

Our Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Despite being quite full, we knew from the beginning that we’d wanted to try a dessert. We eventually decided to share the vanilla bean creme brulee.

Appearance-wise, it was a little different from what we were used to.

Instead of a ramekin, it was served on a square-shaped plate, which made it seem much more lavish. The crispy caramel was visible under a small bed of raspberries and cream; on the side was a mini doughnut.

The French custard was smooth and creamy with just a bit of crunch from the caramel. The raspberries added a certain tartness, which went well with the overall sweetness.

After the savory dish that was our Wagyu, it felt refreshing to cleanse our palates with something that was light and sweet.

Whether or not you’re a fan of steak, you won’t be disappointed at what Steakhouse 55 has to offer.

If anything, you’ll find yourself savoring every bite—whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s definitely a must-go if you’re at Disneyland Park!

What Was Your Experience?

Have you ever gone to Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Resort? What was your experience like?

Let us know in the comments below!


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